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Healthy hair

8 tips for healthy hair


Your hair dryer Do you have a fetish that dates back to your college days? The bad news is that it damages your hair. In addition to being dusty, the hot air transmission system dries out your mane with each use. Your hair is fragile and weakened. Beware: the same goes for your straightener, your curling iron or your curling iron? It's a mess! Choose a newer hair dryer that controls the temperature and adjusts it to your needs. The same goes for straighteners, if the plates are ceramic, it's better. The ideal, of course, is to dry your hair naturally.


Tired of wandering around the shampoo aisle for hours without knowing which product to choose? Identify your needs (ask your stylist) and look at the ingredients on the products. The key is a protein-enriched formula with some moisturizing elements. And stay away from shampoos, conditioners and other collagen-based hair care products. Not only do they grease your roots, but they can weigh down your dream mane. The key is to pay attention. You do check the calorie count on a chocolate bar, right?


For after your workout or to get your hair in shape before you go dancing...we love it. It's convenient and can easily fit in our purse, and it works like a charm. Bottom line. Except that in the long run, dry shampoo can cause residue on the scalp. Dandruff means inflammation and itching. To avoid disaster, use your regular good shampoo and only use dry shampoo in an emergency (or if you're running late).


If you're just filling up your shampoo and rinsing it out quickly, you're doing it wrong. No matter how often you wash your hair, there's nothing like a good scalp massage to get rid of the seborrhea that has set in. Seborrhea is the medical name for dandruff, which often causes redness, itching and, most importantly, hair loss. Take an extra five minutes in the shower and your scalp will thank you, I promise.


Do you miss your last blowout and dream of getting your hair back? It's true that extensions are a great way to get your hair back... as long as you choose a healthy method that doesn't weaken your hair. No more clip-in hair extensions. It may be easy to use, but the clips pull on the roots. The result: hair that becomes weak and brittle over time. The least aggressive technique remains the cold extension with vegetable glue. You want to change without going through an extension? Patience and supplements will be your best allies.


When you get out of the shower, it's easy to grab a towel and rub your hair dry. Tip: Break this habit as soon as you have it. Rubbing the cuticle (the outer layer of hair) can not only dry out the ends, but also weaken the hair and make it more brittle. And all the benefits of your super repairing mask will be lost in one scrub. The right choice? Gently pat the roots and ends of your hair. It may take a little longer to dry, but your hair will look like a Hollywood star (yes, yes).


Brushing your hair gently stimulates scalp circulation and eliminates split ends that can break. But there's no need to brutally comb your hair, even if you're running late. Choose a wide-tooth comb if you can't wait for your mane to dry, otherwise opt for a flat brush made of natural bristles (like boar bristles). Note: if you roll your hair up when it's dry (starting at the roots, of course), you'll avoid the risk of breakage. They say you brush your hair 100 times before you go to bed, but the reality is different. One stroke is enough, once or twice a day.


I can't stress this enough. If your hair is electric and brittle when you wake up, the cotton pillowcase is inevitably to blame. This is because hair gets caught in the pillowcase with the slightest movement. The new habit you should adopt immediately? Silk pillowcases. This way, your hair will be able to follow you into your dreams without any problem. And as soon as you get up, you can say goodbye to curls, frizz and creases. It's good to have a dream mane. It's best to start with the basics.

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