Who we are? 

A: SonicSkin™ is a new Swiss brand specializing in the beauty world and focused on skin care.

How long will delivery take?

A: Your package may take up to 25 days to arrive. After this time, you can contact us or check the condition of your package.

What is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)?

Answer Children and teenagers should not use it. Please wait until you are at least 20 years old before using our device.

What is painful?

A: One of the main advantages of Intense Pulsed Light over other types of laser is that it is much less painful. You may feel a slight tingling sensation.

Do I need to wear protective eyewear?

A: The use of protective eyewear is not mandatory when using Holidayskins. As mentioned earlier, the phone has a sensor that only sends a pulse when the device is pressed (very lightly) against the skin. However, the device should not be held at eye level.

At what age can I start using IPL?

Answer. Please wait until you are at least 20 years old before using our device.

Is the IPL safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

A: Although there is no evidence that the light has any negative effects on pregnant or nursing women, we still do not recommend using the device as a precautionary measure.

Is IPL suitable for all hair colors?

A: IPL is effective on hair with a high melanin content. Therefore, it is not effective on blonde, red or gray hair.

Is IPL suitable for all skin types?

A: We have prepared a chart showing the skin types suitable for IPL, see (User's Guide).

**Can I use the IPL on a tattooed area?

A: The device should not be used on tattooed areas.

**Can I use the device before or after sun exposure?

A: If you have recently been sunburned, we recommend that you wait two weeks before using the device. The same is true for artificial tanning. You must wait 48 hours before tanning.

**Do I need to shave my beard before using the device?

A: Yes, the desired areas must be shaved before using the machine.